Sport and Play International

Sport and Play International is the unification of development, design, production, sales and supply by establishing integral strategic relationships between all partners of our group. The main idea is to break down the barriers between producers and customers. Therefore, we have created a platform for producers, sales partners and of course our own sales team. The goal of this platform is for everyone to profit from the ideas we develop as a team.

From product to solution and from solutions to total concepts
We believe that for every problem there is a solution. By thinking outside of the box, we are finding new areas of use for already existing products or develop innovative solutions. Whether you want to build a stadium or a park area, we offer everything you need. To complete the package we also offer services like designing, consultancy, installation and maintenance. In that sense all of our products and services can be seen as carefully selected puzzle pieces, which fit together perfectly, to ensure quality and to meet our customers needs.

As we are not the biggest, we have to maneuver around the market differently – smart! With our products and systems, such as Hydrofields, we offer groundbreaking solutions and concepts that are different. And through our network we have a unique position – we are fully aware of that. Efficiency and our personal touch are the key ingredients we provide to each of our partners, and we plan to stick to this philosophy.

Key People

Rob Venneker
Niclas Venneker

Sport and Play International

Gaisbergstrasse 21

5110 Oberndorf bei Salzburg



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