Resigrass develops and installs artificial grass with a focus on landscaping. With more than 10 years of experience we have a solid position in the EU market and beyond.
Our EU labeled artificial grass is durable and of premium quality. At Resigrass we provide total concepts and by doing so create unique solutions for schools, public parks and places, roof tops, terraces etc..
Our expertise finds its roots in the Belgian and EU market and we export our products to many other regions. We do more than supplying grass, we care for our customers and together with them create durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly areas.
The Resigrass artificial grass is of premium quality – produced in the EU – for high end applications. ResiGrass offers unique systems for playgrounds and schools with shock pads. The system is certified according to the en 1177:2008 regulation and with the different available colors, we can create joyful and child-friendly flooring.
Resigrass has the most extensive collection of artificial grasses available for all kinds of applications going from sports (football, tennis, hockey, golf,…), over lush landscaping grass to colorful products. We offer a choice of over more than 80 different references.

Key People

Annemie Baeyaert
Managing Director
Jochen Manhaeve
Sales & Operations Manager


Kapelsesteenweg 493

2180 Antwerpen


Tel +32 3 290 35 93