NOC*NSF was founded in a merger between the Dutch Olympic Committee and the Dutch Sports Federation. Ninety-four national sports organizations (77 sports associations and 17 associates) are affiliated with NOC*NSF today and together they represent almost 24,000 sports associations totalling 5.2 million organized athletes.

Sports infrastructure quality controller
The quality of the construction of sports facilities in the Netherlands has been of a high level for years due to the structural attention and intensive cooperation between sports, municipalities and the realizing parties.

In order to create a future-proof sports sector, we want to jointly develop a sustainable (energy-neutral, environmentally friendly and nature-inclusive) sports infrastructure for everyone who participates in sports and exercise in the Netherlands.

Key People

Guido Davio
Director Grassroot Sports
Bob Thomassen
Projectleader Sportinfrastructure
+31 26 483 44 00


Papendallaan 60

6816 VD Arnhem

The Netherlands


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