Grass Partners b.v.

GrassPartners is a Dutch producer of a wide range of artificial grass solutions. An independent new player with considerable experience in the sector. Drawing on our philosophy ‘passion for artificial grass’ we offer a wide and varied range of high-quality products for landscaping, leisure, sport and multisport. Developed in-house with a very Dutch signature.

Opting for GrassPartners means working with a service-focused organisation that supports you throughout the entire process, even in developing your own private-label grades that are produced exactly to your specifications.

Key People

Ronald Dijkslag
Commercial Director
+31 38 30 35 100 / +31 6 50 68 45 55
Wil Ditzel
Export Manager
+31 38 30 35 100 / +31 6 52 31 05 91

Grass Partners b.v.

Puttenstraat 7

8281 BP Genemuiden



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