GOE-Production AS

GOE-Production AS is a production and technological driven company located in
Rogaland, the South-Western part of Norway. The company produces a newly
developed organic infill for artificial turf fields, which is based on an innovative spin-
off technology from the oil industry. The infill consists of wooden particles and is
100% biodegradable. GOE have currently installed one test-field in Sukkevann,
Kristiansand, Norway, which has passed the requirements for FIFA Quality Pro. New
fields filled with GOE BIOinfill are in development.

The company´s team is a mix of PhDs, automation and mechanical engineers,
production mechanics, economists and former amateur fotballers, who all work
closely together. GOEs main objective is to commercialize GOE BIOinfill and make
it fully available to the market. We want to contribute to more environmentally
friendly artificial turfs with high-level playing characteristics to a competitive price.

Key People

Klaus Tveita
Chief Executive Officer
+47 976 18 124
Jonas Gravdal Ravnas
Marketing Manager

GOE-Production AS

Olsokveien 32

4046 Hafrsfjord Rogaland


Tel +47 993 52 537