Amorim Cork Composites

Corticeira Amorim is the largest world producer of cork products and the most international of Portuguese companies. It leads the whole sector, contributing to the economy and innovation of the cork industry, unlike any other.
We incorporate various raw materials into our products which aim to innovatively respond to competitive market demands, as well as create advances and cutting edge procedures which grant the final consumer with unique products. As a natural product, granulated cork is a renewable raw material derived from the bark of cork oak from sustainably managed sources. Granulated cork has been increasingly put to use as infill in artificial turf systems and more recently as blended composite with other materials in order to gather the best performance of cork for multiple sports surfaces components.

Key People

Sérgio Vaz Correia
Global Segment Manager

Filipe Macedo
Sales and Business Development Manager

Rua de Meladas, 260
P.O. Box 1
4536-902 Mozelos-VFR


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