Czech Association of Synthetic Turf Football Pitch Builders

The Czech association was founded in 2019.  When ESTO became ESTC in 2018, a new category for builders was included.  Therefore, we ceased our Czech Association of Synthetic Turf Football Pitch manufacturers with ESTO membership and are now registered as the Association of Synthetic Turf Football Pitch Builders with ESTC membership.  The association has 9 members (builders) and 4 affiliated members which support our activities.  With a Letter of Understanding we closely cooperate with the Czech producer Juta a.s., also a member of ESTC.  We are happy to intensify our relationship with ESTC through this affiliate membership !

The Football Foundation

The Football Foundation is the charity of the Premier League, The FA and Government, through Sport England. We deliver outstanding grassroots football facilities, meaning more games, better games and more people playing – helping transform communities where demand is greatest, and impact will be strongest.

Founded in 2000, we are now the largest sports charity in UK. So far, we have used the investment from our Partners to award more than 17,600 grants to improve facilities worth more than £708m – including 885 artificial grass pitches, 3,587 natural grass pitches and 1,210 changing facilities. This has attracted an additional £885m of partnership funding – totalling over £1.5bn investment in grassroots football. And there’s much more to come.


Our Mission is to improve the standing of the sports and playground surfaces industry and to promote the participation of all role-players in this industry in Southern Africa by encouraging training, higher standards, professionalism, ethical conduct and social interaction through regular meetings, conferences, workshops and liaison with business, training and government institutions, statutory bodies, N.G.O.’s employer and employee organisations.

World Rugby

World Rugby is the regulatory and law making body for the sport of rugby worldwide. With player welfare as its number one priority, the Technical Services Department manage Regulation 12 which specifies the requirements for artificial turf fields to be used for any form of contact rugby, training or matches.

International Hockey Federation (FIH)

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the world governing body for the sport of hockey, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Founded in 1924, FIH today has 137 member National Associations. 

European Tyre Recycling Association

ETRA is an independent European Association with membership of +250 tyre recycling professionals in 43 countries. ETRA is supported primarily through membership dues, research projects and programme sponsorship.
ETRA members reflect both the public and private sectors involved in the environmentally safe treatment and use of post-consumer tyres. Policy and decision makers as well as those charged with organising and connecting the links in the recycling chain are represented. With a focus on material recovery, ETRA members include material producers (i.e., granulaters, compounders) and users (e.g., civil engineers, product manufacturers), as well as collectors, manufacturers of recycling equipment, research and training bodies, product developers and users of new technologies.
ETRA’s Mission is to formalise Tyre Recycling as an independent, multi-sectoral industry involved in a long chain of activities which protect the environment and enhance the quality of life through the creation of new businesses and jobs.

CIRFS: European Man-made Fibres Association

CIRFS is the trade association representing the interests of the chemical fibres industry in wider Europe. It currently has about 28 full members representing ca. 80% of the European production and includes members in the EU, Switzerland, Turkey and Belarus. It defends members’ interests in fighting for fair trade, attacks trade barriers and distortions of competition, encourages innovation, promotes objective standards and test methods and demonstrates advantages and sustainability of man-made fibres, and works for scientific approach to regulation on health and safety and environment and provides its members with market information and analysis.


Sports and Play Construction Association

The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) is the UK trade organisation, responsible for setting and regulating standards across the sports and play construction industry.

Our goal is to ensure that every facility project:
• meets the customer’s needs and expectations;
• is designed, built and maintained to last;
• delivers excellent value for money; and
• creates the right environment to inspire an active nation.

We do this by helping people to identify the right products, services and specialist companies for a wide range of sports and play projects, from grassroots facilities at clubs, parks and schools, through to elite venues and stadia.

As a membership organisation we promote businesses across the industry that have been independently vetted and have met SAPCA’s stringent membership requirements. Choosing companies that have earned the SAPCA Member badge provides the reassurance that projects will be delivered to the right standards by specialists who have:

• expert knowledge and understanding of industry best practice;
• experience and a proven track record;
• met SAPCA’s requirements for financial stability; and
• integrity and great customer service.

Norway Football Association

Details regarding The Football Association of Norway will be updated to this site soon.