M.Cup Sport Surfaces is a construction and development company based in Bratislava, Slovakia which specializes in performance surfaces for sport facilities and athletic installations all over Europe with more then 25 years of experience. Its focus is to deliver world class quality projects and certified to its clients.

Our success is measured by our list of notable projects and customer references. In recent years we were primarily active in Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, in addition we have done some big installations  in further countries like USA, Faroe Islands or Island Kish.  M.Cup is the installation partner for the National Tennis Federation as well as Football and other sport Associations.  We participate in events such as the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, tennis exhibitions, sport events and games.

We deliver and install surfaces and equipment for any sport facility or children’s playing areas such as:

M.Cup also provides maintenance services, accessories and cleaning equipment for all types of sporting surfaces.