ProGame XC Series Shock Pad patented

ProGame XC Series shock pad provides a unique patented solution for sports pitch systems.

ProGame XC shock pads have achieved full patent protection of the product and process in manufacturing. The full patent status for the XC Series recognises the unique features and performance of the XC Series shock pad product in artificial pitch systems.

Shock pads are an integral part of a modern artificial sports pitch system. The unique performance features of the XC Series shock pads provide benefits for both the construction and the lifespan of artificial sports pitches.

ProGame has been an integral shock pad partner in the installation of more than 1,000 sports pitches over the last 15 years in over fifty countries worldwide.

The key benefit of using the patented ProGame XC shock pad in pitch systems is the extremely high dimensional stability of the XC Series despite temperature changes during the day. The XC Series’ unique cut pattern also provides a very flexible shock pad to install and is highly appreciated for its unique dimensional stability in any physical environment.

When used as part of an approved pitch system, the patented XC Series shock pad has a warranty of up to 24 years; that’s twice the current lifespan of the top layer carpet. This extended warranty on the lifespan also significantly reduces the costs and the environmental impact of replacing artificial pitch systems.

ProGame conducts product testing at the highest level, both internally and externally. Systems incorporating the XC Series shock pads are approved by FIFA (Quality and Quality Pro standard), World Rugby and FIH (Global, National and Multi-sports categories). Using these systems helps ensure that pitches fulfil highest quality standards, allowing them to be certified by international sports federations.

“I am delighted that we have were granted this patent for our XC Series shock pad. It provides our channel partners and customers with an outstanding shock pad solution, and I would like to thank the whole team who has made this happen.”
Luca Girelli – ProGame Business Unit Manager

The importance of shock pads and safety standards in artificial sports surfaces for protecting athletes at every level of use has never been higher. ProGame is a global leader in the manufacture of shock pads for artificial pitch systems. With 3 factories producing ProGame shock pads, the brand is highly recognised for both its outstanding quality and industry leading delivery lead-times by its partners and end customer.

Trocellen, ProGame’s parent company, is a highly innovative company, which continuously makes investments to incorporate the latest technological advances in the development of its brands.. The patent (no. EP07821579) on XC Series shock pad is the result of 14 years of research. The XC series sets new standards for the quality of shock pads within the industry and will be available to all companies for installation in 2020.


ProGame 7006 XC + Edel Grass Triple T for Hockey

During 2015 four clubs in Europe and one in the United States decided to use, for their water based hockey pitches, the

Triple T waterbased system from Edel Grass (FIH preferred supplier), installed on the 7006 XC ProGame shock pad. This was the perfect solution to meet the stringent FIH global requirements.

The Triple-T System is a revolutionary waterbased pitch for the hockey market. With more than a million monofilaments per m² and a special sub base, the system delivers a perfect playing surface for top hockey. Together with ProGame Artificial Turf Shock Pad system it is today one of the best solutions for water based systems, which can be installed very quickly, no matter the weather conditions.

Pitches were installed in Scotland (Glasgow High School); in Holland (Sportpark IJburg – Amsterdam and Sportpark VMHC Pollux – Vlaardingen) and in Luxembourg (Boy Konen). The latter installed in October 2015, with the London Olympic colours, totaling 6.292 m2, which will host many Luxembourg international fixtures.

The same system was also installed in US, at the University of Pacific (California), one of the main pitches done in 2015.