We will be at Sapca’s Sports Surface Symposium

We are pleased to announce that Recticel will be exhibiting at The Sports Surface Symposium, presenting re-bounce® shock pads. Our shock pads provide long lasting shock absorption, are tailored to outdoor sports surfaces to enhance player performance whilst at the same time providing comfort and safety.

We hope to meet you at this SAPCA symposium, a special one-day event that comprises a series of informative and educational seminars together with an exhibition featuring specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of sports facilities.

For more information and the full programme visit:

Re-use of re-bounce® shock pad, the highest level of recycling

In the summer of 2014 not only the artificial turf was relocated, but a complete artificial turf system including a re-bounce® shock pad was removed and reinstalled at another location.

In 2006 a re-bounce® shock pad was installed at the Aspmyra Stadium in Bodø, Norway as part of the artificial turf pitch.

Back then, the choice for the re-bounce® shock pad was made after extensive testing. A test group consisting of football players tested different artificial turf systems in Europe, all with different types of shock pads. In the end they chose for a system including re-bounce®.

During 8 years of intensive use by the Norwegian first league football team FK Bodø/Glimt the pitch obtained the highest certification year after year.

This summer, it was decided that it was time for a new artificial turf system at the Aspmyra Stadium, again with the proven re-bounce® shock pad.

Since it was still in excellent shape, the re-bounce® shock pad has been removed together with the old artificial turf carpet and installed again by Unisport in Saltstraumen, Norway, starting a second life at a different location.

re-bounce® @ Turf & Grass Expo Geneva 2014

We are pleased to announce that re-bounce® will be present at the Turf & Grass Expo during the International Sports Convention 2014 at Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland.
You can meet up with us in Hall 1, stand #100 on Wednesday, December 10th and Thursday, December 11th, 2014.

Hope to see you in Geneva!


re-bounce® proven to be hardwearing. 3rd artificial turf carpet installed on top of original re-bounce® shockpad

Sweden – Sodertälje Arena by Unisport

This summer again a new artificial turf carpet was installed on top of our re-bounce® shockpad at Södertälje Arena in Sweden.
This is the 3rd artificial turf carpet that is being installed on top of this same re-bounce® shockpad.

In 2008 our re-bounce® shockpad was installed as part of the complete artificial turf system in Södertälje Arena.
Södertälje Arena is the home base of two professional teams (Syrianska FF & Assyriska FC) from the Swedish 2nd league, which are using the pitch during 1750 hours per year.

After 4 years of very intensive use by these professional teams, it was decided in 2012 to replace the artificial turf carpet. The old carpet was removed and they found the re-bounce® shockpad to be still in perfect shape. A new artificial turf carpet was installed on top of the existing re-bounce® shockpad and the pitch was as new.

In June 2014 again the artificial turf was removed to be replaced by a new carpet. In 8 years time no wear and tear was done to the shockpad. Not due to the intensive use (dynamic fatigue) nor caused by use of heavy equipment, necessary for replacing the artificial turf.

ISA Sport tested the re-bounce® shockpad and it passed the tests perfectly.

In July the new pitch was ready for the Swedish 2nd league teams, again with a new artificial turf carpet on top of re-bounce®. 

For more information on re-bounce® please visit www.re-bounce.com

Recticel study emphasises synthetic turf advantages

The findings from a recent investigation – carried out by ESTO member Recticel – into the effects of freezing weather conditions on synthetic turf will provide further assurance to facilities that are considering a switch from natural to synthetic turf.

One of the principle factors when choosing a synthetic turf system is how it will affect playing conditions and whether it will meet the requirements of the user. Many natural turf surfaces across Europe become unplayable in winter months and so as an option that can deliver greater durability, facilities often turn to synthetic turf.

The sophisticated manufacturing process behind synthetic turf systems means that there are a number of components that can be affected by adverse weather conditions; it is therefore the responsibility of the manufacturer to determine what impact these can have and how best to limit it.

The study

As part of the study, manufacturer Recticel tested a synthetic turf system that incorporated its Re-bounce® shock pad, a vital component of the surface and a part of the system that impacts on its performance and playability.

Recticel performed a number of different field measurements to determine how playable a pitch was during the winter, focusing specifically on how the shock pad is affected in freezing conditions.

The findings

As Table 1 (above) shows, a number of fields incorporating different carpets, infill amounts and different types of shock pads were measured. Initial findings confirm that it is the total artificial system that is responsible for achieving the requested functional properties of the sport and not one specific component.

Issues can occur on a frozen synthetic turf surface when the snow melts, as pressure from snowploughs or users walking on the pitch will push the water downwards into the infill. This can then re-freeze, creating a harder, icy layer.

However, the findings also show that although the synthetic materials will harden as temperatures decrease, the different components making up the surface are frost-proof and therefore provide a safer, more resilient surface when compared to natural turf.

With playing frequency often reduced during adverse weather conditions, synthetic turf systems are not designed to provide a solution for use in all weathers. However, the findings from Recticel’s study do highlight a number of benefits when comparing synthetic turf to natural turf, with bespoke systems designed specifically to meet the requirements of the user.

For more information on Recticel its Re-bounce® sports range, visit www.re-bounce.com.