Labosport Fiber Performance Index helps French customers chose landscaping turf

With artificial grass being increasingly used for landscaping applications around the world (gardens & terraces, recreational & parks, urban landscape beautification), Labosport decided to launch in 2017 the Fiber Performance Index for landscaping turf, a declination of its FPI index for sports turf.

The FPI for landscaping turf is an objective laboratory assessment of the artificial turf, with tests designed based on Labosport 25 years quality control experience. Tests focus on characteristics most frequently sought out by end-users and clients, on top of color and aspect: softness, durability and environmental compliance. For instance, the turf is submitted to intense UV radiations followed by mechanical wear with the Lisport™ machine, which allows to simulate several years of ageing in the laboratory.

The index has been adopted by top quality manufacturers, in France and in the US, allowing French clients of the retail gardening chain botanic® to choose the turf quality that corresponds the most to their need. – Labosport launches a new online service to facilitate testing of infill for synthetic turf fields

Since 1990, synthetic turf is the surface of choice for sports fields under intensive play, harsh climatic conditions or both. While different types of synthetic turf exist, 95% of fields use rubber recycled rubber granules as infill material for shock absorption purposes.

Recently, there has been a growing concern on the potential health impact for those regularly in contact with those materials, especially young athletes. While these concerns deserved to be addressed , all studies on the subject have concluded that, by a very large majority, infill products sold on the market do not present any health risks. This has been confirmed again by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in its report dated 28 February 2017 (available here). In this report, ECHA advises all interested parties (sport associations, clubs, field owners, manufacturers and importers) to test the rubber granules and communicate the information in an understandable way to the players and the general public.

In order to support this approach and make testing of granules and infill easier and accessible to all, we are launching a new online service : WWW.TESTYOURINFILL.COM

Our testing package focuses on the latest requirements for Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are key substances of interest. This will allow to identify the nature of the material, its origin and, will raise a flag in case its chemical composition is considered to be unusual by our experts.

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Labosport Fiber Performance Index – Friction Test innovation for Sport and extension to Landscape Turf

Responding to the needs of architects, facility owners and operators, Labosport has introduced in 2015 the Fiber Performance Index (FPI)-the first true measurement of artificial turf fiber quality for sports applications.
The FPI establishes an“index” rating or score of an artificial turf fiber, to help prospective turf buyers understand and weight the individual qualities of a turf fiber. The FPI provides a comparative measuring tool to help for making the right artificial turf selection from a wide number of options.
Carefully designed to quantify the key aspects of a fiber, the FPI for sport, in addition to DURABILITY and RESILIENCE,  includes now the latest FRICTION TEST developed by Labosport.

We are also expanding our FPI certification programme to landscape turf. The FPI for landscape measures objectively the performance of landscaping turf products. Besides the aspect and color of the turf, users are looking for three essential qualities: long term durability (i.e.resistance to traffic & weather), a similar feel to natural grass and a sustainable product.

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On January 27th and 28th, at our test center in Lecco, Italy, LABOSPORT presented the LISPORT XL to the representatives of FIFA, World Rugby, Accredited Testing Laboratories and FIFA Preferred Producers for Synthetic Turf.

Designed and developed by the LABOSPORT R&D team the LISPORT XL will become the reference test method for wear of synthetic turf from 2015.

Since March 2015, two aditional  LISPORT XL are operating within the LABOSPORT Group, at the test centers of Le Mans, France and Hucknall, England

The successful development of the LISPORT XL confirms the leading position of LABOSPORT within the sports surfaces testing and consulting industry