EOC Belgium Launches EXOPUR





A Brand New Product Line for Artificial Turf Backing and Automotive Applications
As manufacturer of compounds and carboxylated latices EOC Belgium launches “Exopur”, a new product line of polyurethanes (PU) for use in artificial grass backing solutions. This exciting and novel product is manufactured in the new reactor facility that has been built at our site in Oudenaarde.

Mr. Gerard Marsman, CEO of EOC Belgium comments: “It is the first time that EOC Belgium has produced polymers that are not water based.” Mr. Gerard Marsman continues “With this investment in both knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, EOC proves once again that we listen carefully to customer needs and that we react swiftly to market changes.”

EOC Belgium is a respected supplier to the carpet and textiles industries and in the growing market of artificial turf EOC Belgium is a market leader in terms of supply. Although EOC firmly believes that compounds and latices are among the most efficient and environmentally friendly artificial grass backing solutions available, “Exopur” is being launched as an excellent alternative to water based technology that completes the EOC portfolio. In the near future, EOC Belgium also plans to expand to other markets such as automotive applications.

Polyurethanes are polymers made by reacting isocyanates with polyols. Depending on the desired end product, combining different types of isocyanates and polyols allow for a broad range of PU-polymers usable in different applications such as coatings, foams, adhesives, seals and cast elastomers. Additives such as catalysts, fire retardants, anti-oxidants and colors can tune in on specific customers’ requests.

EOC Group is a family owned producer of chemicals with headquarters located in Oudenaarde, Belgium. EOC Group is active across the world, with six divisions spread over more than 10 production sites within Europe and Asia. The product portfolio now extends from compounds and carboxylated latices to adhesives, emulsions, surfactants, technical textile chemicals and now also “Exopur” polyurethanes.
Exopur is a registered trademark.
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