TigerTurf publishes quick guide to choosing the right tennis surface.

Artificial grass manufacturer, TigerTurf has published a new guide, aimed at helping those considering new tennis courts to decide which type of surface is best for their facility.

TigerTurf’s quick and easy comparison of the different types of tennis courts weighs up the pros and cons of grass, clay, hard, and artificial surfaces to give key decision makers all the information they need when trying to establish which is most appropriate.

Covering the way each surface plays, maintenance considerations, and physiological implications, the guide is the ideal resource for anyone looking to plan either a new or replacement tennis court installation.

Scott Milne, Sales & Account Manager (South) at TigerTurf commented: “Like the installation of any new playing surface, there is a long list of factors which need to be taken into account when deciding which tennis court is most suitable for a particular facility. By publishing our quick guide, we’re hoping to offer assistance which is as objective as possible and talks potential investors through the various opportunities and challenges posed by each type of material.”

To read TigerTurf’s guide and decide whether a grass, clay, artificial, or hard surface is best for your tennis court installation, click here.