The new Polytan Fusion GT infill

Polytan presented infill made of rubber and renewable raw materials at FSB 2017:

Unique fusion of nature and technology

At this year’s FSB Polytan presented for the first time a new infill for synthetic turf systems consisting partly of natural materials: the Polytan Fusion GT infill granules. It combines high-quality, newly produced EPDM rubber granules with components made from fast-growing renewable resources. GT stands for Green Technology at Polytan and alludes to the product’s particularly high level of sustainability and environmental compatibility.

There are infill granules on the market that are made of various materials and come in different colours and shapes. Polytan generally recommends fillings made of high-quality, newly produced EPDM granules. Not only do these rubber versions easily meet the strict requirements of the European Union REACH regulation, they are also completely weather-, moisture- and ozone-resistant and insensitive to temperature fluctuations and peaks. What is more, they offer the sort of consistently high playing qualities that protect players against injury.

The latest infill development from Polytan combines the proven attributes of these EPDM granules with the natural properties of a renewable raw material. The outcome is a pioneering product with improved environmental compatibility.

Not only does the fast-growing natural product used in this process have an excellent eco-balance, it also has a positive influence on the heat generation of the synthetic turf surface – studies by Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences show that temperatures can be lowered by up to 15 °C. This is down to the natural evaporative cooling system, which keeps the synthetic turf pleasantly cool even in high temperatures. The natural fibre content of the new Polytan Fusion GT infill means that it can absorb higher amounts of water and then release it evenly in the same way as a natural grass substrate. The light brown colour of the infill granules also contributes to the reduced heat generation on the synthetic turf and makes the whole pitch look fresher and more natural.
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