The London 2012 ‘Olympic Legacy’

When Stourport Hockey Club opted to improve its facilities in order to maximise playing time and inspire improved performance as part of the London 2012 ‘Olympic Legacy’, it was decided that a synthetic pitch would provide the ideal solution.

The club has always had a long-standing tradition for both recreational and amateur level Hockey, as well as other sports. With the Stourport Hockey Club’s women’s team playing Investec national league fixtures, Stourport’s requirement for a premium quality playing surface was imperative.

The new pitch was officially opened in July 2013 by GB Olympic Bronze medallist, Sally Walton and the club now has the full confidence that its playing surface is up to the elite standard it needs to be, with low maintenance and high performance guaranteed.

Francine Moss; Facilities Manager at Stourport Sports Club commented: “The newly built pitch opens so many doors for our club as we are now able to host a range of regional and national competitions as one of the only local clubs to boast three pitches. What’s more, our junior players now have a safer environment in which to play their hockey as they no longer have to cross a busy road to reach a pitch.”.