TenCate Grass

TenCate Grass intensifies cooperation with Johan Cruyff Foundation

Since its inception in 1997 the Johan Cruyff Foundation has evolved into an organization that day after day gets youngsters moving and keeps them active. In the seventeen years of the Foundation’s existence the need to get children moving has only increased. That is why in recent years the Foundation’s target group has expanded from children with a handicap to children living in districts where there is little opportunity to play outdoors. There is often too little time, space and attention for children to play sports and games.
The social relevance of this is greater than ever, as sports & games make a real difference in issues such as health, integration, development and participation: Getting youngsters moving again, in a healthy and responsible way.

Over the years the Cruyff Foundation has built 180 Cruyff Courts in the Netherlands and abroad; it has set up a Schoolplein 14 (school playground) project at 100 primary schools in the Netherlands, in which the school itself submits a design for its playground, which is then installed by the Cruyff Foundation. The Foundation provides financial support for large- and small-scale sports projects with their activities for handicapped children.
TenCate Grass supplies the Foundation with the synthetic turf for the Cruyff Courts, and is intensifying its cooperation in the Netherlands and internationally with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, as shown by the attached photo opportunity with Johan Cruyff and Carole Thate, director of the Johan Cruyff Foundation.