Technical Surfaces Seek Artificial Turf Sports Surfaces Development Engineer

Technical Surfaces Ltd, in collaboration with Loughborough University, is seeking an Artificial Turf Sports Surfaces Development Engineer (KTP Associate) to help expand and develop their existing research into enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the value of artificial surface maintenance throughout the industry, and to help present an objective evaluation of the accepted practices and conventional wisdom behind the maintenance of artificial sports surfaces. A further aim of the research is to help improve the service offered to existing clients, including actual end users and industry associates. This will result in an expansion of strategic partnerships for the company, including strengthening relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and governing bodies. It is also expected that consultancy contracts with manufacturers of artificial surfaces will be greatly increased by the project. The project will last for a three year period and the candidates should have a recent Masters in Engineering or Materials Science, minimum 2.1 degree in Engineering or Materials Science or a closely allied discipline.

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