Football clubs and korfball club in Almelo opt for GreenFields® slide max XQ™

GreenFields has installed four soccer and one korfball pitch in Almelo during the summer months under instruction from the region’s municipal sports trust. Mid-week evening training sessions on the new surfaces are in full swing, with league games being played at weekends, which has led to very ethousiastic reactions of the players of all clubs.

Selected on intensity of use and durability

The clubs in question were all consulted on the choice of pitch. Nieuwmeier comments: “Representatives from clubs based in the region were involved in the selection process, looking at the different pitch options available. This pitch system came out on top in terms of the intensity of use and durability, in particular. For us, we’re talking around 1,500 hours of use each year. The system will last us twelve years and will retain its properties.”

Football clubs Oranje Nassau and Almelo are based on a complex which sits in the shadows of the Heracles Almelo stadium. Plans to grant the two amateur clubs a couple of new artificial turf pitches have been in place since the re-development of the first division club’s stadium, one year ago.

Joint approach for greater efficiency

The project was a substantial one, albeit that more and more municipalities are choosing to lay a number of artificial pitches simultaneously with a view to maximising efficiency and saving costs. The various stages of work involved – from digging and laying the underlays to installing the turf – took place sequentially, moving from one sports complex on to the next.

Hatko installs second FIFA two star artificial grass pitch with TenCate Grass fibres

Early may 2015, Hatko installed a second FIFA** pitch in Cyprus using TenCate Grass artificial grass fibres as its base. The pitch is located in Gazimağusa, a town on the country’s east coast, and measures 106 by 76 meters. It is named after the Turkish-Cypriot politician, Rauf Denktaş, who passed away in 2012.

Hatko Dokuma Tekstil insaat Taahhut Ve Ticaret Ltd Sti. is TenCate Grass’ partner in Turkey. The customer opted for the Omega Turf – Hatko’s top of the range pitch. TenCate Grass Middle East Ltd. engineered and produced the synthetic turf fibres within the space of a single week. The entire installation process took just three weeks to complete.

According to Hatko, the Omega Turf is renowned for its unique, curved shape and three ‘spines’, which create a bouncy grass fibre offering excellent flexibility and durability. Testing and analysis performed by Hatko engineers showed that the system’s durability remained uncompromised after as many as 40,000 Lisport Test cycles.

Hatko Sports has been using TenCate synthetic grass yarns for a number of years. The company has successfully completed many sports and landscaping projects throughout Turkey and the Middle East using TenCate technology.

Royal Ten Cate nv

World Cup Hockey pitch new standard in international top hockey

The Hockey World Cup 2014 was a great success. For fourteen days the world could enjoy hockey at the highest level. The high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing was a perfect base for the World Cup Hockey. Players were able to get the best out of themselves. The audience could enjoy fast and technically advanced top hockey.

There was widespread praise for the high quality synthetic turf system materials developed by TenCate. TenCate is proud of the exploit they have made with their partners. Not only in the construction and maintenance of the top hockey turf at the Kyocera Stadium and temporary GreenFields Stadium, also in the twelve amateur fields in and around The Hague (The Netherlands), where the international teams trained.

Professional players and coaches now require high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing to be the new world standard, including for the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016. For the European Championships Hockey in 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the hockey players may already play on this system. It has recently been installed in the Wagener Stadium in the Dutch capital.

The World Cup Hockey system with TenCate components meets all the requirements that are needed for the modern, fast paced hockey games, this includes:

  • A high ball roll speed;
  • Non-directional ball roll;
  • Low friction properties; in dry as well as wet circumstances;
  • Sliding friendly thanks to the usage of TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres;
  • Perfect and well balanced grip (torsion);
  • A damped rebound that will keep the ball low and will result into a perfect control of the ball;
  • Maximized shock absorption; therefore the system will protect the back, knees and other joints which will reduce the risk of an injury;
  • The strong and flexible turf blades will ensure that the hockey stick can be fully placed under the ball.

‘Green Tide’ in Zaragoza

It was part of the City’s initiative for the first quarter of 2011 to replace the natural grass municipal soccer fields with eco-efficient turf fields that will generate social, economic and environmental benefits:

  1. a natural grass soccer field requires approximately 3,000 litres of water daily, three times more than necessary for a synthetic field
  2. the need for monthly services including chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, reseeding and markings must be added
  3. synthetic pitches have a higher field profitability, meaning increased number of practices and games – the annual utilization of a natural grass field is about 618 hours, while that of a synthetic turf system is about 2,880 hours, a difference of 366 percent 
  4. more field rental hours
  5. number of users who can enjoy the facilities increases
  6. savings in operating and maintenance costs are substantial expenses

On January 10, 2011 the countdown was set in motion. The goal was to install 10 synthetic turf soccer fields within three months and a project completion date of March 30, 2011.
“The goal was further complicated by the discovery that some fields were paved, while others were earth and some did not exist,” says Miguel Mendes, Chief of the Sports Facilities Unit for the City of Zaragoza.
This meant that this was not a simple substitution of material, but required the building of full-scale facilities: irrigation drains were placed, gutters, curbs, lighting, markers, benches, metal walls and partitions, access doors, equipment and stands.
The outcome was even better than expected. “No doubt, the deadline is a record. In fact, the period specified in Technical Specification for 11 football fields was 180 days and it was done in almost less than half the time, “said Mendes.

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H.B. Fuller launches TEC Super Turf adhesive

Zurich – 1 Sep 2013. H.B. Fuller announced the launch of TEC™ Super Turf one component adhesive for artificial turf installation.

Turfers and installers looking for efficient, time-saving, sustainable and safe solutions should take the opportunity to come and talk to H.B. Fuller at the FSB exhibition, Germany. We are launching our new TEC™ SuperTurf one-component adhesive this autumn. TEC™ SuperTurf adhesive
can be used in all weather conditions and has a wide temperature application scale. This one-component adhesive saves time and energy as it does not need to be mixed and can be used safely without gloves. One pail can be used over several weeks as TEC™ SuperTurf™ adhesive offers an outstanding stability. TEC™ SuperTurf™adhesive is certified under EN 12228 and EN 13744.

H.B. Fuller introduces TEC brand in Europe

Zurich – 24 April 2013 — H.B. Fuller, leading provider of adhesives to the building and construction industry, has announced the transition of a key brand of flooring installation products.

Following the acquisition of Forbo Industrial Adhesives last year, H.B. Fuller has taken on part of the Eurocol adhesives line. Those products that now come under H.B.Fuller’s portfolio will be transitioned to become part of the TEC™ product range. With more than 55 years in the industry, the TEC™ brand is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the United States for delivering innovative adhesive solutions.

The extensive TEC™ product line supports the installation of many flooring systems including linoleum, parquet and PVC. The product range brings many benefits including excellent grab, strong initial tack and strong resilience combined with low VOC (volatile organic compound).

Alain Redé, business manager for Building & Construction at H.B. Fuller, explains: “The Eurocol and TEC™ brands’ values are aligned in terms of bringing efficient, high quality and sustainable adhesive solutions suited to our customers’ needs. Our products are supported by a team of experts who have more than 40 years’ experience in the European market working with distributors, contractors, architects and designers and this helps us to deliver the best solution possible for our customers. “While rebranding the Eurocol products under the TEC™ brand, the existing products
are backed by global specification, global endorsements and investment into innovation through our R&D centers in Europe and the USA.”

Customers can be assured that, despite the change in product brand, they will continue to receive market leading technology, high performance products and quality service that they have come to trust from the Eurocol brand. All product numbers will remain the same, while packaging will be transitioned from the Eurocol mark to the TEC™ brand look and feel over the coming weeks, with new brochures and a newly designed website.

Alain Redé concludes: “We are confident that the transition of the Eurocol mark to the TEC™ brand will bring benefit to our customers. We are committed to providing innovation, premium quality and superior support to our partners in the industry and transitioning the Eurocol products to our TEC™ portfolio will strengthen our offering. Customers will continue to receive H.B. Fuller’s commitment to helping them turn vision into reality through collaborative partnership.”

For more information about TEC™ products, visit


The TEC trademark is owned by H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. and is registered in the U.S.A. and other countries.

The EUROCOL trademark is owned by Forbo Financial Services AG and is registered in Switzerland and other countries.

Case study: FC Barcelona renews synthetic turf pitches at Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper

In 2012, four new synthetic turf pitches were installed at Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, the training complex for FC Barcelona.

Also known as FCB Sports City, the site was already home to four existing synthetic turf pitches, which had been in use since 2002. The new surfaces were in replace of these; since being installed, all four have been awarded the FIFA RECOMMENDED TWO STAR quality mark.

In a decision that underlines the long term durability of synthetic turf, two of the four existing pitches at FCB Sports City were removed and reinstalled at a site next to Miniestadi, a 15,276-seat stadium next to the Nou Camp and the venue for FC Barcelona B and C teams’ home matches.

The various components that made up the system installed ten years ago, to include rubber, sand and turf, were carefully separated to ensure that they remained in a suitable condition to be recycled. The old turf was reinstalled to create two training pitches, further enhancing the facilities available to all teams within the club’s development programme.

For more information, click here to view a case study on FC Barcelona and its use of synthetic turf.