CSV Apeldoorn Receives Latest “Xtreme Turf DX” Synthetic Pitch

CSV Apeldoorn, Netherlands, is the latest Club to receive a state-of-the-art Xtreme Turf DX – the highest performing monofilament system available exclusively from Act Global. The new synthetic turf surface will be used for all home games and first team training as the Club’s main pitch.

The 3G pitch was installed by partner De Sallandse United and features the exclusive MN Global fibres from Bonar Yarns. The system lends a natural and full coverage appearance, with performance features suitable for elite level play. MN Global is also incredibly durable, with ability to achieve 130,000 Lisport cycles, to sustain increased playing hours.

Founded in 1946, CSV Apeldoorn were originally a Dutch amateur club, and promoted in 2010 to the newly established top-class Dutch amateur league. For the 2015/16 season, the team will play in Apeldoorn league C. The club’s sport complex, Sportpark Orderbos includes five fields, three of which are now artificial.

The system Xtreme Turf DX has been installed and certified in some of the finest sporting stadiums around the world and is proven to meet the highest international standards in terms of performance, safety and resilience. Other featured installations include Montreal Olympic Stadium for the 2015 Women’s World Cup Canada and Ho Chi Minh University of Sport.

Act Global is a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf, World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer, FIH Certified, and Synthetic Turf Council Certified Manufacturer. For more information,


Vitesse ready for its first Eredivisie match on hybrid pitch in GelreDome

On Sunday 20 September Dutch soccer club Vitesse will play its match against De Graafschap on a new, hybrid pitch, on which the natural grass has been reinforced with synthetic fibres in a woven backing. Both players and coaches are enthusiastic about XtraGrass™, on which they are already training at their training facility, Papendal, in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The patented XtraGrass™ was developed by material technology company TenCate and supplied by its subsidiary GreenFields. In this system the natural grass grows in a – partly biodegradable – backing, consisting of woven clumps of synthetic fibres. This enables the natural grass to become stronger, better and to be played on for longer: 800 to 900 hours a year, as opposed to 200 to 250 hours for a traditional natural grass pitch. A number of Dutch amateur clubs are already playing on this hybrid surface. XtraGrass™ has already been installed in the Ricoh Stadium and the Kassam Stadium in England and can also be found in countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Australia and New Zealand and in Scandinavia. Apart from football, this hybrid pitch is also used for other sports that are played on natural grass, such as rugby.

Vitesse’s fast game

Head coach Peter Bosz of Vitesse comments: “We have our own way of playing and a good pitch is important for this. In the past year the pitch in GelreDome left something to be desired. We hope that the investment in this pitch will produce great sporting results.” The captain of Vitesse, Guram Kashia, says about the new pitch: “The new pitch is fantastic and it suits our style of football perfectly. It’s a very fast and even pitch, which is exactly what our game is all about, holding on to the ball and playing as fast as possible. I like playing on a really fast pitch. The ball then moves around faster, the game itself becomes faster and everyone knows that I really enjoy tackling. The new pitch is ideal for this.”

The best of two worlds

Ton Raaphorst, director of TenCate Grass and GreenFields, says: “With XtraGrass™ GreenFields and TenCate deliver a strong, durable, even and stable natural grass pitch that combines the best of two worlds. According to reliable sources, it is not only more Dutch professional clubs but also clubs in the Premier League, the Bundesliga and other international leagues that want to switch over to XtraGrass™.” In Germany, 1. FC Köln already has XtraGrass™ on its training pitch.

Eredivisie club Vitesse has been training for several weeks on the hybrid grass surface, after its training pitch at the training facility at Papendal near Arnhem was sown with grass seed at the beginning of June. Meanwhile the integrated grass sods for the pitch in GelreDome were growing at a nursery in Limburg in the south of the Netherlands; they arrived in Arnhem by truck in large rolls some ten days ago, and here they were installed at the stadium using special equipment.

XtraGrass™ satisfies stringent requirements. The synthetic fibres are not visible in the natural grass, as they are below ground level, so will not be seen unless the natural grass on parts of the pitch wears away. In winter periods too the pitch thus remains eminently playable, appears green, even and stable and has excellent drainage.

ACT Global and Schmitz provide pitches for Homeless World Cup

On September 12, individuals of varying backgrounds, nationalities, ages and interests, will come together in Amsterdam for the 13th Annual Homeless World Cup.

The Homeless World Cup is on a mission to inspire life change through the power of football. Founded in 2001, the Homeless World Cup and its partners now span 74 countries, and has impacted the lives of 1 million homeless people worldwide. An estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide. And as many as 1 billion lack access to suitable housing.

ACT Global is the official synthetic turf sponsor for the event. They supplied the turf for 3 pitches which also required a shock pad. Therefore Schmitz Foam Products donated 1300m2 ProPlay-Sport shock pad for the tournament to their partner ACT global. Both parties are honored to be supporting such a worthy cause.

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SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels kick-off the new season with GreenFields® MX

Pre-season preparations are well under way. By mid-July, the clubs’ pitches need to be ready to host SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels’ first Topklasse Zaterdag home fixtures. This season, both teams get to enjoy the benefits of a new GreenFields® MX pitch. GreenFields® MX is a woven synthetic turf system that is constructed with the synthetic turf components of TenCate Grass. The two renowned football clubs, stemming from a fishing village situated on what was the Ijsselmeer lake, have been competing for decades now at the very top of Dutch amateur football: both sides have won their division’s title numerous times, with VV IJsselmeervogels winning the crown of overall (Topklasse Zaterdag & Zondag) champions seven times. SV Spakenburg has also won the title, twice over.

Legendary rivalry

The rivalry between ‘the blues’ (VV IJsselmeervogels) and ‘the reds’ (SV Spakenburg) is deep-rooted and has historically caused some friction. These days, the rough edges have been smoothed out, but the rivalry remains just as healthy. Derby games between the two are still the highlight of the season and attract around 8,000 spectators. Although both sides have the title race in focus, rising from the derby battle victorious is just as important.
At half time, supporters from each side have a beer or a coffee in their own club houses, which are located directly adjacent to one another as part of the same sports complex – as they have been since 1970.

Promotion ambitions

A local authority tender for new SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels pitches resulted in GreenFields being chosen as the preferred supplier. The superb GreenFields® MX artificial grass system with 3-D fibre weave is setting the standard in the Jupiler league, where it has been installed at a number of clubs already.
Both SV Spakenburg and VV IJsselmeervogels are said to have their sights set on a promotion to the new Dutch Second Division, which, as of 2016, will become a part of the Jupiler League. The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is hoping that the revised structure will help improve the quality of the game, facilitate the progression from amateur to professional level and make for more thrilling competitions.
The new GreenFields® MX pitches, commissioned by the Spakenburg Council, will provide both clubs with excellent facilities on which to build their technical skill and deliver the level of performance they are striving for.


Four synthetic turf pitches to be installed at new training facility AZ Alkmaar with TenCate Grass components

This summer, the Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar will have 4 new pitches installed at their new training facility. These pitches are going to be constructed with the synthetic turf fibres and primary backing of TenCate Grass.
In these new pitches, the latest shock pad, TenCate Sine® will be installed under the top layer. This innovative shock pad, developed by TenCate strengthens the playing characteristics and is easier on joints and muscles. TenCate Sine® also ensures a longer life of the overall system in that it is very durable, gives stability and reduces the wear and tear of the pitch.

Innovative shock pad combined with new features and applications

Work is already well underway, the construction of the facility started on June 9th. “Soon, here we can assist and develop our players even better,” said AZ’s Director General Affairs, Robert Eenhoorn on that occasion. “We can train our talents with the most innovative services and applications.”
The facility is not based in the city of Alkmaar itself, but in the neighboring town of Wormerveer. AZ wants to underline that they want to be a club for the entire region.

First youth, then A-selection

After the summer, the ultra-modern training facility will be the home of the entire youth of AZ Alkmaar. The first team of the football club will train here as well, once the main building, offices and other training facilities are finished.


XtraGrass pitches for Vitesse GelreDome stadium and training facility

Dutch football club, Vitesse, is having a new pitch laid at its home stadium, the GelreDome, as well as at its Papendal training facility. The prestigious Arhnem club came fifth in the 2014-15 Dutch Eredivisie. The club elected for revolutionary hybrid natural grass pitches, XtraGrass™, which will be laid during the season’s Summer break.

XtraGrass is a natural grass pitch, enhanced with a woven artificial grass backing. The proportion of natural grass to artificial grass in the pitch’s composition is 90 percent to ten percent, respectively. The hybrid XtraGrass system is an innovation by GreenFields, part of Dutch materials technology enterprise, Royal Ten Cate NV.

This latest generation of hybrid natural grass pitches is distinguished by its durability, evenness and stability, while successfully meeting the high standards of playability expected from natural grass football pitches at the game’s highest level.

XtraGrass means durability, evenness and stability
Joost de Wit, general manager at Vitesse comments on the club’s investment in the new professional sports surface: “To be able to compete in elite sports, you need to have the very best facilities available. Our pitch at the GelreDrome last season left something to be desired. As a leading club, we can benefit hugely from a world-class natural grass pitch. GreenFields will now provide us with that pitch, which represents an important step towards securing our future and achieving our ambitious but wholly realistic objectives as a professional football club.”

In addition, Vitesse’s training facility, Papendal will also receive an XtraGrass™ pitch for use by the first eleven. Preparations are already under way on the main training pitch at Papendal for the laying of a GreenFields® MX artificial grass pitch; the newest edition of the woven artificial grass system.

Agterberg is the company overseeing this project and is also in charge of the overall maintenance of the Vitesse training complex.

Johan Cruyff Foundation

Johan Cruyff and Fernando Ricksen open Cruyff Court in memory of Stefano Borgonovo

Johan Cruyff opened together with Chantal Borgonovo, wife of Stefano Borgonovo, and Fernando Ricksen, former striker of Glasgow Rangers, the first Cruyff Court in Italy, which is dedicated to Stefano Borgonovo. The Cruyff Court Stefano Borgonovo in Como, Italy. This Cruyff Court is a joined initiative of the Cruyff Foundation and the Borgonovo Foundation and greatly supported by the UEFA.TenCate Grass supplies the Johan Cruyff Foundation with the synthetic turf for the Cruyff Courts, and is intensifying its cooperation in the Netherlands and internationally with the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

A year ago, former Milan and Fiorentina striker Borgonovo, who won the Champions League with Milan and earned three caps for the Italian national team, died aged 49 following an eight-year battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

If Stefano Borgonovo was still alive today he would describe himself as the happiest man on earth. Not just because he would finally come to know the man he admired when he was a kid, but also because the idol of his childhood has opened a Cruyff Court in the town where Stefano celebrated his first triumphs as a professional player.

“A dream comes true”, says his wife Chantal. “My husband went crazy for Johan Cruyff. He admired him so much that he dedicated him a chapter of his autobiography. Even Stefano’s football school has the orange colour in its emblem as a tribute to Cruyff. He would have loved to know Johan personally. I am extremely happy and grateful to Johan because, thanks to the opening of the Cruyff Court in Como, the spirit of Stefano will be even stronger with us.”

Cruyff said: “This is a very special day for me as well. I am happy to open the first Cruyff Court in Italy and it makes me particularly proud that this court is dedicated to Stefano. It might be that Stefano tried to copy me as a kid. Stefano was an outstanding personality – on and off the pitch. I hope that with this teamwork between both Foundations and through this Cruyff Court in Stefano’s name, we can generate attention to find a cure for this terrible disease.”

The Johan Cruyff Foundation was founded by the legendary Johan Cruyff. The Cruyff Foundation is regarded as a major authority on sports for children – including disabled children – and related community projects. A Cruyff Court is a modern alternative of the ancient green, which one could find in a lot of neighborhoods and districts, but has over the years been sacrificed due to urbanization and expansion. The local children get a good safe place where they can play sport and through the cooperation of the local council, corporations, schools, sport and football clubs and local businesses, the Cruyff Court also has an important social function in the neighborhood.

The Cruyff Courts are made of the durable TenCate XP Blade™. TenCate XP Blade™ does not split, making it the right choice for intensively used fields. In addition TenCate XP Blade™ is more resilient than regular tape yarns: instead of laying flat like other tape yarns do, TenCate XP Blade™ twists due to play forming an attractive and well playable turf surface.


‘Synthetic turf is a world solution’

In the current football season twelve clubs in the Jupiler League (Dutch First Division) will play their home matches on synthetic turf, eleven of these on synthetic turf fibres from TenCate Grass. Six clubs in the Dutch Premier League also have synthetic turf, five with synthetic turf fibres from TenCate Grass.

SBV Excelsior is already familiar with playing on synthetic turf at home as there has been synthetic turf in the Woudestein Stadium since 2010. ‘We have now opted for a new turf surface,’ explained the general director Ferry de Haan earlier to a local news station. ‘It will be a faster field, without the black rubber granules that you saw flying up every time.’ The choice fell on GreenFields® MX Trimension, a woven synthetic turf system that utilizes the synthetic turf fibres of TenCate Grass. It has been approved according to the FIFA 2 Star standard. The infill consists of green coated granules of synthetic rubber (SBR). As the grass yarns are packed closely together, less infill is necessary.

The first kick-off was on Saturday 28 June and introduced players and trainer Marinus Dijkhuizen of Excelsior to the GreenFields® MX Trimension system. They are well pleased with the attractiveness, evenness and natural appearance of the surface. The colours are brighter and the (sprayed) white line markings look fresher than before. That Saturday general director Ferry de Haan, head of communication Vincent Wernke and mascot Woutje praised the new playing field in similar terms.

Not only do the first team and the youth teams train and play on the field, but social activities also take place. ‘There is something to do nearly every day,’ says Vincent Wernke. And just as in the Polman Stadium in Almelo, towards the end of a match the youngsters are already dreaming of kicking a ball around on the field come the final whistle.

Talks about replacing the existing synthetic field in Woudestein Stadium began even before promotion to the top division was an fact. ‘Nothing beats a perfect natural grass surface, but where can you find one of those nowadays?’ says general manager Ferry de Haan. ‘We are a progressive club that’s keen to develop talent. We got talking to one another through the tender. The advance of synthetic grass is a good development. The conditions are always the same for everyone. We want to go along with this and contribute to the development.’

Royal Ten Cate nv

World Cup Hockey pitch new standard in international top hockey

The Hockey World Cup 2014 was a great success. For fourteen days the world could enjoy hockey at the highest level. The high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing was a perfect base for the World Cup Hockey. Players were able to get the best out of themselves. The audience could enjoy fast and technically advanced top hockey.

There was widespread praise for the high quality synthetic turf system materials developed by TenCate. TenCate is proud of the exploit they have made with their partners. Not only in the construction and maintenance of the top hockey turf at the Kyocera Stadium and temporary GreenFields Stadium, also in the twelve amateur fields in and around The Hague (The Netherlands), where the international teams trained.

Professional players and coaches now require high-quality synthetic turf system made from TenCate fibres and backing to be the new world standard, including for the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016. For the European Championships Hockey in 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the hockey players may already play on this system. It has recently been installed in the Wagener Stadium in the Dutch capital.

The World Cup Hockey system with TenCate components meets all the requirements that are needed for the modern, fast paced hockey games, this includes:

  • A high ball roll speed;
  • Non-directional ball roll;
  • Low friction properties; in dry as well as wet circumstances;
  • Sliding friendly thanks to the usage of TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres;
  • Perfect and well balanced grip (torsion);
  • A damped rebound that will keep the ball low and will result into a perfect control of the ball;
  • Maximized shock absorption; therefore the system will protect the back, knees and other joints which will reduce the risk of an injury;
  • The strong and flexible turf blades will ensure that the hockey stick can be fully placed under the ball.

Multi-purpose use of Seacon Stadion – De Koel, Netherlands

Stadion de Koel opened in March 1972 with a match between VVV-Venlo and SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden. The stadium has hardly changed apart from a refurbishment in 2007 when VVV got promoted to the Eredivisie. Today the stadium has a total capacity of 8000 with 1500 standing places. Even though the stadium is for multi-purpose it is today mainly used for football and is home to the Dutch football club VVV-Venlo. Like some other stadiums in the Dutch top leagues Stadion de Koel has a synthetic pitch, enabling the club to use it more extensively.

In 2004 the stadium got renovated and renamed into Seacon Stadia as part of a sponsorship deal. Because of its small size and a lack of modern facilities plans existed to move to a new stadium with 15000 seats. In 2012 the construction of a new stadium has been agreed, but due to a change in the land utilization plan and the relegation of the club this project has been stopped. According to the plan football shall not be played open air and a stadium with a closed roof was no option for the club. The new plan is to renovate De Koel instead.

In November 2013 the club jointly with its sponsors opened their Walk of Fan in order to give fans the opportunity to eternalize with the club. Another marketing idea was to transform the pay kiosk into an UFO.