Synthetic turf stadia in Switzerland

In January 2012, Switzerland had 1472 registered Football clubs, with 113 full size synthetic pitches as of 2012. Player participation among men and women has seen a 17% increase since 2004

On July 14 2006, the field at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, Switzerland was awarded the FIFA recommended 2 star Football turf. The stadium is home to BSC Young Boys who participate in the Swiss Premier League. The surface was also used for home matches for BSC Young Boys for the 2006-2007 UEFA Cup season.

Installing a Synthetic Turf pitch proved to be a successful solution for all, allowing much more frequent use of the stadium infrastructure. Sports, business events and concerts could all take place and more importantly on a frequent basis. Therefore more spectators due to increased frequency of events such as concerts and business seminars. The strategic goal of “non-traditional football fans” coming into the football stadium with the hope that they may come back and see FSC Young Boys. A good long term strategy of increasing the fan base.

With the Swiss national team finishing top of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification Group E and one of the first teams to qualify, The growth of Football with more synthetic surfaces and pitches should continue.