Synthetic Turf Landscape in France

Already popular in the sports industry for many years now, synthetic turf extends its range of application. It is increasingly common to find nowadays in gardens, on terraces, around pools etc. Municipalities have also started having an interest in synthetic turf for public areas and green spaces. Shops, stores and events happening in the city are also looking to use synthetic turf as decoration. The arrival of the latest generation of synthetic grass gives a very realistic result, simple and comfortable use.

In France, the explosion of synthetic turf for landscape begun in 2008. 20 years ago, synthetic turf for landscape was limited to fairly low-end products such as carpets sold for large surfaces. Today the area of ​​ synthetic turf for landscape has taken a new dimension, mostly due to the development of fibbers used for sports fields.

The use of synthetic grass is already highly developed in some of our European neighbour countries, such as Spain or England. France is behind in this area because of its attachment to natural grass.

Today, 80% of the sales and applications of synthetic turf for landscape in France is for private individuals. They are attracted to the practical side of a maintenance-free and green grass all year long. Municipalities are starting to be interested in synthetic turf for green areas such as parks and playgrounds.

It seems that the areas in which synthetic turf is mainly developed is in the south of France and in the region of Paris. The south of France and Paris are the two poles of development for new products in France and therefore synthetic turf is no exception to the rule. This may be due to the fact that people in the south of France have a high purchasing power. Also there are many secondary residences in the south of France, where natural grass requires too much maintenance. Add to that the water restrictions in summer; all the conditions are met to enable rapid development of the synthetic turf market. Another big trend that we see emerge is the use of synthetic turf in urban areas, particularly in the Paris region. In these cases they use synthetic turf to decorate their balconies or rooftop areas.