Synthetic football pitches in Sweden

In Sweden many first tier football clubs both men and women do play on synthetic pitches. Many stadia and arena just got their synthetic pitch not long ago. A major reason for the extensive use of synthetic turf not only in Sweden but also in the other Scandinavian countries can be found in the climatic conditions.

Furthermore the acceptance of synthetic pitches by clubs and players is increased through research that is conducted on the risks of injuries and also on the increased availability and use for synthetic pitches compared to natural grass.

Tunavallen for example is a football stadium which got a synthetic pitch in 2008, allowing for year-round games of the football clubs in the city. IF Elfsborg as well as Norrby IF play their home matches in the Borås Arena, which opened with a synthetic pitch in 2005. In the Åbyvallen Arena clubs like Fässbergs IF and Jitex BK play on synthetic turf. Tunavallen Arena was equipped with a synthetic turf in 2008, enabling year-round games of football clubs in the city. Since 2009 GIF Sundsvall plays on synthetic turf in Norrporten Arena and in the same year Nya Parken got a synthetic pitch as well to be played on by IFK Norrköping.

Further synthetic football pitches that are recognized by FIFA are located in Malmö, Stockholm and Orebro just to name a few.