Synthetic football field for FC Reinach, in Basel

On the outskirts of the city of Basel in Switzerland, the town of Reinach can be found with its own football club, FC Reinach. The club plays its football in amateur divisions of the Swiss football league. To deal with the risks of muddy pitches with lumps preventing football to be played properly, the club concluded the installation of a synthetic turf field at its sports centre a few years ago.

What also pushed the club towards this synthetic solution was the benefits it offers to its youth categories. At grassroots level, it is better for young players to learn football on an even and consistent surface in order to develop more efficiently their technique. That is what the club understood, they would have better chances of producing above average technical players with a synthetic pitch at hand.

The fact that installing such a pitch would only incur a lump cost, although quite significant, also helped the club to decide in favour of this surface. After that, very little maintenance costs would be incurred throughout the following years. This pith would also help the club to save quite a lot of water, which is not to be omitted. FC Reinach was also delighted in the idea that no more games would get postponed due to bad weather deteriorating the pitch. Indeed, the field could now be used throughout the season and would resist to harsh weather conditions to host matches on perfect conditions.