Strömvallen Football Stadium, Gävle, Sweden

Already in 1892 plans existed to get a new venue for Gefle IF but also other clubs in the area that can withstand the requirements in the Swedish climate. In 1903 the new stadium, which was called Strömdalens IP, with a football field, running track and seats for 400 spectators has been opened. Throughout the following years the stadium has been upgraded a couple of times in order to increase not only the capacity for spectators but also the quality of the sports facilities.

In July 1923 the modernized stadium has been opened with its new name – Strömvallen. In the beginning of the 30s the pitch has been enlarged in order to meet international requirements. Throughout winter times the stadium has been used for sports like ice skating.

With the local clubs Brynäs IF and Gefle IF playing in the first tier league of Sweden the stadium needed further enlargements throughout the 70s and 80s. This was also the time when all non-football related sports facilities have been removed and the stadium became a pure football stadium.

Today the stadium has a capacity of 7,200 spectators, a synthetic pitch in order to be used for football matches throughout the whole year as well as undersoil heating.