Shockpads Working Group produces performance guide

The European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO) formed Shockpad Working Group has recently produced a detailed performance guide for shockpads. The guide has been produced in order to allow for comparison between differing shockpads, to specify minimum durability criteria for shockpads when used with synthetic turf, therefore ensuring performance; and also to prepare a draft document that can be submitted to the European Standards Committee (CEN) Technical Committee as a European Standard for Shockpads to complement EN 15330.

ESTO provided administrative support in the development of this document; however the substantive content thereof is the responsibility of the companies mentioned below.

The following companies from the European Synthetic Turf Organisation’s Shockpad Working Group actively participated in the development of this document:

  • Bonar Yarns and Fabrics Ltd
  • Genan Business & Development A/S
  • Greiner Multifoam GmbH
  • Lano Sports
  • Labosport International
  • Polytan Sportstättenbau GmbH
  • ProGame – Trocellen GmbH
  • Recticel – Re-bounce
  • Schmitz Foam Products B.V – ProPlay Sport
  • Sekisui Alveo AG

Click here to download the guide.