Scenes from the official opening of the first Re-Match Facility

The world’s only solution for sustainable recycling of synthetic turf

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the official opening of the first Re-Match facility. The opening highlighted the beginning of a brand new green industry with a worldwide potential.

Synthetic turf is gaining popularity all over the world. Especially in soccer fields, where the turf not only extends the playing season, but also reduces maintenance and water needs. Re-Match is the only company in the world that has developed a process for sustainable recycling of synthetic turfs. The industrial process is patented, and guarantees 99% recycling of the complete pitch.

Where other companies offer to shake sand and infill out of the worn-out turfs, and carpet – Re-Match rolls up the entire turf and takes it to the processing plant for sustainable recycling.

A new high-tech plant

At the efficient, high-tech plant the turf is cut up, dried, separated and cleaned – without using water. The result is four clean materials without creating additional waste products.

The 99% clean sand and rubber, grass fiber and backing is of the highest quality, and a regularly quality tested by an external institution. All elements can either be re-used within the turf industry or be recycled into new, different quality products within other industries.

Watch scenes from our opening here: