Riudoms, new training center and technical hub of the Catalan Football Federation

Following an agreement between the Catalan Football Federation and the Catalan town of Ríudoms in 2013, it was decided that this town located in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, would host the Federation’s football academy and technical hub.

For several seasons, the football clubs and soccer camps that were using the two grass pitches on display at the Ríudoms centre were demanding the replacement of the grass for synthetic turf. This was because this surface would better suit the needs of the different entities using it as it would allow more games to be played without any damage done and would minimize the maintenance costs.

The installation of the two last generation synthetic turf pitches was part of the plan to make Ríudoms sports centre a football hub for the Catalan Football Federation. This upgrade of the complex was also accompanied with improved lighting installations (for possible television broadcasts) and extensions of the locker rooms. These constructions and upgrades were developed during 2014 and were valued at € 1.2 million, being mainly funded by the Federation with a small percentage of it being funded by the Council of Riudoms.