Record numbers at ESTO Congress, Rome, Italy – Day 1

Record numbers were in attendance at the 2015 ESTO Congress in Rome, Italy which again highlighted the important role ESTO Is playing in developing and promoting synthetic turf. A diverse mix of members, together with football associations, FIFA and significant amount of companies in Italy made it an important gathering for everyone. Nigel Fletcher opened up the congress together with Antonio Armeni, LND Italy. 

Presentations from Nicolas Evans, FIFA giving an outlook 2015-2018 was important given FIFA’s important role in the development of synthetic turf globally and the FIFA Quality Concept standards. Synthetic Turf expert Dr.Eric Harrison who is also consultant to FIFA and World Rugby gave a major insight and current research on biomechanics, player perception/psychology, player comfort, new test procedures and potential future research.

The afternoon saw experts from the Italian football market give key insights this included Michele Di Cesare, Director AllFootball, Mario Beretta, Head of Cagliari Calcio youth sector, Stefano Fiorini, President of Italian Football Coaches Association and assistant coach Albanian National Team and Mauro Testa, expert in biomechanics and sports injury prevention. The final sessions saw Nigel Fletcher, Executive Chairman of ESTO given an update on the continuous benefits of membership and whats been achieved in the last 12 months. Bryn Lee, Vice-President of ESTO and chairman of the Turf and Yarn manufacturers business directors club gave an insight on this new initiative. ESTO also formally welcomed our newest members, RE-MATCH and Albergrass.

A long but very interesting and enjoyable first day of the congress was the conclusion from Rome. For more information on ESTO and how to join, please contact .