Reading Hockey Club’s new ultra-modern pitch opened

Reading Hockey Club, founded in 1904 in the English town of Reading, is one of the highest profile hockey clubs in Europe, with nearly 20 European titles to their name. The club recently required a new synthetic turf pitch for their first team. In this regard, no need to say that a premium, innovative hockey pitch was required to satisfy the demanding standards of the club, and which also reflected their quality.

Therefore, a unique water-based surface was selected by the club and installed last year at the club’s ground at Sonning Lane, in the town of Reading. This pitch is designed specifically for the highest levels of field hockey play.  While taking a closer look at the turf, we can state that it is built with the elliptic fibre – a uniquely engineered filament enabling significant reliability and durability for the pitch. Shaped like a lens, the fibre is texturized through a high heat process to create its crimped effect. As a result, this hockey-specific fibre shape and texture offers excellent ball performance, optimal non-directional ball roll and speed. This specially designed formula also decreases skin friction and abrasion making it the most player friendly surface currently available.

Since its installation, this synthetic turf pitch has received excellent reviews from both the international and club players of Reading and visiting teams.