re-bounce® proven to be hardwearing. 3rd artificial turf carpet installed on top of original re-bounce® shockpad

Sweden – Sodertälje Arena by Unisport

This summer again a new artificial turf carpet was installed on top of our re-bounce® shockpad at Södertälje Arena in Sweden.
This is the 3rd artificial turf carpet that is being installed on top of this same re-bounce® shockpad.

In 2008 our re-bounce® shockpad was installed as part of the complete artificial turf system in Södertälje Arena.
Södertälje Arena is the home base of two professional teams (Syrianska FF & Assyriska FC) from the Swedish 2nd league, which are using the pitch during 1750 hours per year.

After 4 years of very intensive use by these professional teams, it was decided in 2012 to replace the artificial turf carpet. The old carpet was removed and they found the re-bounce® shockpad to be still in perfect shape. A new artificial turf carpet was installed on top of the existing re-bounce® shockpad and the pitch was as new.

In June 2014 again the artificial turf was removed to be replaced by a new carpet. In 8 years time no wear and tear was done to the shockpad. Not due to the intensive use (dynamic fatigue) nor caused by use of heavy equipment, necessary for replacing the artificial turf.

ISA Sport tested the re-bounce® shockpad and it passed the tests perfectly.

In July the new pitch was ready for the Swedish 2nd league teams, again with a new artificial turf carpet on top of re-bounce®. 

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