RADICIGROUP – TESSITURE PIETRO RADICI at the international FSB trade fair

From 22 to 25 October 2013, the FSB International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities in Cologne was the showcase for Radigreen® artificial grass yarn. During the four-day event, Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA (TPR), the ancestral RadiciGroup company and the only supplier worldwide to offer a complete range of artificial grass yarn in both nylon and polyolefin, introduced its latest innovations for the sports and landscaping sectors.

Focus on:

– The new Radigreen® HD PE line of long-lasting fibrillated yarn and the Radigreen® MFL PE PAT monofilament range;
– The Radigreen® MFL PA family of 100% polyamide monofilament;
My Radigreen®, an exclusive All-in-One combination of straight and textured monofilament for carpets, featuring exceptional softness, excellent coverage and light weight.

Radigreen® HD PE and Radigreen® MFL PE PAT are RadiciGroup’s latest products for the artificial grass market and are specifically designed for sports applications to fulfil one of the primary requirements of this particular sector: a fibre that lasts over time while keeping the technical characteristics of the turf unchanged for the longest time possible and preventing degradation caused by sun radiation. Radigreen® HD PE is a new range of fibrillated yarn, the combined result of the evolution of production technology and the use of high-performance polymers. Radigreen® MFL PE PAT is a new range of monofilaments.

“Today our application sectors and target markets are focusing their attention on a specific yarn performance requirement: durability,” Marianna Panico, Tessiture Pietro Radici R&D manager, explained. “Consequently, that is the direction our product development has taken. From choosing the polymer and processing technology to determining the cross-section shape of the yarn, we have worked on making high-durability, high-weavability yarns keeping in mind the ease of installation and maintenance of the synthetic turf. In the case of Radigreen® HD PE fibrillated yarn, we have used special polymers specifically designed to achieve high tear resistance, and we have invested in a new innovative fibrillation technology. For the MFL PE PAT monofilament, we have developed a solid cross-section shape, free of intrinsic weakness, and have selected a polymer that allows us to achieve superior tuft lock performance, an important feature for the yarn.”

“We have an ongoing commitment to collaborating with our customers, with the goal of providing the best solution for the end use,” Ms. Panico concluded. “It is a step-by-step process, a constant dialogue that leads us to developing tailor-made products and special additivated products, endowed with specific characteristics and ensuring the highest technical performance in their final use.”

What about Italian creativity in the promotion of sustainability? It was on display in a recent installation set up in Bergamo for the international event “Masters of Landscape – International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden”. The place chosen was Piazza Vecchia [the Old Square] in Città Alta [the Upper Town], one of the most charming places in Bergamo and one of the most beautiful squares in all of Italy. On that occasion, the square was all decked out in green and transformed into a magnificent garden and outdoor living room.

One of the ambitious objectives of the “Master of Landscape” event – co-sponsored by Radigreen® and its customer SIT-IN SPORT – was to raise sustainable development awareness. The entire pavement of the Old Square was covered with synthetic turf made by SIT-IN SPORT using MY Radigreen® yarn. Tessiture Pietro Radici and SIT-IN SPORT played leading roles in showing how the outdoor use of artificial grass and synthetic turf could bring value to public and private spaces alike, opening up possibilities for unexpected uses of such spaces and making outdoor areas more liveable.

“Masters of Landscape – International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden” was a unique event with a landscape theme organized by the Municipality of Bergamo and the Arketipos association. It took place from 7 to 22 September 2013, following the great success of prior year exhibits attended by over 200,000 visitors. Watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t99xLVIPPfY.

Read the full press release http://www.radicigroup.com/en/news-media/press-releases/radigreen-for-sports-and-landscaping-radicigroup-at-the-international-fsb-trade-fair-13616