Pavlodar stadium – Kazakhstan – 62 EVO Geofill

Italgreen confirms once again market leader in terms of innovation and quality and strengthen the presence in Kazakhstan market, resurfacing Pavlodar stadium, previously installed by a dutch company.

Pavlodar stadium hosts Irtysh FC home matches (the club plays the Kazakhstan Premier League) showing the important need to replace the existing surface, switching from a standard 60 mm SBR system into an high tech solution, composed of a resilient XQ technology fiber, filled with patented natural infill Geofill®: the best compromise for professionals, always looking for innovative solutions.


Geofill® is the original natural infill, covered by an international patent and well recognized by the most important international federations, the worldwide optimum, able to satisfy the most demanding performance needs of professionals, in full respect of the environmental standards imposed by federations and municipalities.

Geofill® has the extra oomph if compared to pure cork, too light to provide the artificial turf system the correct stability : Geofill® is available in several versions, customized according to the different weather conditions where turf system will be installed.

Italgreen is market leader in Kazakhstan, contributing to the infrastructural development of the professional club Kayrat FC: under construction the installation of the 4th artificial turf field at Maylina sport center, 62 Lesmo Leonardo GN.

Italgreen è leader indiscusso in Kazakhstan, mercato nel quale l’azienda italiana sta contribuendo in maniera decisa allo sviluppo infrastrutturale del club professionistico FC Kayrat: in corso di ultimazione l’installazione del quarto campo sintetico presso il centro sportivo di Maylina, installato con sistema 62 Lesmo Leonardo GN.