Opening of Oranda Jima House in Japan

With the disastrous destructive powers caused by Tsunami on March 11th 2011, de Funakoshi Elementary School and its After School Club House was destroyed. To support reconstruction activities in the region, the Oranda Jima Foundation (OJF) was formed from a group of leading Dutch businesses in Japan. In March 2012 OJF promised to provide full support of the reconstruction of this club.

The Oranda Jima House, short for Funakoshi After School and Community Centre, was donated to the town as a public facility to serve the children and citizens in Yamada Machi. Located adjacent to the town’s nearby elementary school, the 194 square-meter building’s inspired design encompasses playrooms for children, a sound proof music room wherein children will host a local radio show and practice music, a small interior courtyard, workspace for staff, a Japanese tatami quiet space for rest and psychiatric counselling, a multi-functional room and kitchen as well as a wooden deck and exterior playground. The facility will accommodate 60 children, and the local community will use the house to support in developing the after school activities.

On May 24th Oranda Jima House was officially opened. Schmitz Foam Products partnered with the Dutch non-profit group the Oranda Jima Foundation to jointly realize this project. For our contribution, we donated the ProPlay surface for the artificial turf playground outside the building. Sumitomo and Hasetora Spinning donated the carpet for which they used the grey and white yarn donated by Ten Cate North America. We hope that the children of Yamada will be able to safely use this club house and playground for many years to come.