The Dow Chemical Company

Innovative, high performance, cost-efficient solutions tailored for long-term durability of artificial turf systems

Dow offers advanced technology for polyethylene and polyurethane backing, elastomeric granules and polyethylene yarn carefully calibrated to work together and deliver leading performance.

The distinguished range of performance resins addresses demanding needs for player safety, increased pitch life and reduced environmental impact through improved ease of recyclability.

Depending on their needs, customers have the following brands at their fingertips:

- ENHANCER™ and HYPOD™ for backings

- ENFORCER™ for shock pads

- ELITE™, DOWLEX™ and ATTANE™ resins for yarn

- INFUSE™, ENGAGE™ and NORDEL™ for infill

®™ Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or anaffiliated company of Dow


Key People

Eduardo Alvarez
Technical Service and Development - Polyethylene
+34 977303302

Miguel Uriate
Technical Service Representative - Polyurethanes
+34 948418327

Bachtobelstrasse 3
8810 Horgen


Tel: +800 3 694 6367

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