Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS offers local recycling of of artificial turf sports fields. Operations are executed with mobile ARENA Concept machinery and materials are reused locally. As a result, we believe we offer recycling with lowest Carbon Footprint at the market.

ARENA Concept is the first, on-site recycling solution, that enables used artificial turf materials to be reused in an economically sustainable way. It covers the whole recycling process from the removal of used artificial turf within one day to reuse materials based on each client’s requirements. Materials can be separated, purified, dried, recycled and reused, and of course, we can also install new turf. ARENA enables 100% of materials to be reused in new sports fields or as recycled raw materials in other industries (plastic production etc).

Key People

Raul Lättemägi

Roomer Tarajev
PR & Media Manager

Betooni 15
11415 Tallinn



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