Landscaping turf, synthetic golf greens special

Synthetic grass is mostly known to be used for football and hockey pitches. But this surface, popular in the sports industry, can find many more applications such as simply replacing natural lawn for landscaping. During the last few years, we have been witnessing more and more synthetic grass replacing natural grass in gardens, back yards, penthouse terraces, playgrounds and airport runways for example.

Another relatively unknown application of landscaping synthetic turf is actually for golf. Characteristics of synthetic turf does indeed fit with the field requirements for the practice of golf. This sport notably requires putting greens that are perfectly smooth and even, which is an aspect that synthetic grass can easily meet.

Like for synthetic football pitches, synthetic putting greens and their surrounding grass fringe will be consistent in their high quality and will be much more resistant and long-lasting compared to natural greens. This also introduces an environmental aspect which is not to neglect. Indeed, maintaining a golf course consumes a lot of water. This weakness can be overcome with the use of synthetic lawn which requires minimal maintenance and water usage, which is also much cheaper.

As a result, putting training can be unlimited on the synthetic greens, which can also sustain high intensity use by several golfers. You don’t need to mow the lawn either as synthetic grass is always green and perfectly manicured. Moreover, when it rains, you don’t have to worry about waterlogged greens because with a perfect drainage system all liquids are drained through the surface quickly leaving the lawn clean and dry.