Landscaping synthetic turf for residential areas, summer special

As summer is slowly approaching, we can already feel the general temperatures increasing day by day. It is therefore around this time that people start to gather outside for barbecues or drinks to enjoy the first days of sun and moderated heat. It is common for neighbors for example to organize barbecues in their residential areas to catch up or to get to know newly arrived residents.

For such occasions, it is always very pleasant to have an area with large grass patches, perfectly green and cut short to sit on or to play some games on. Synthetic turf for residential areas is the guarantee to benefit from perfect grass throughout the summer and its heat peaks. Whereas natural grass, unless being closely looked after or using a lot of water to maintain it, will inevitably turn brown under the full heat of the sun. But most of the time, grass of residential areas is not the most taken care of and is usually the first to go and to show burnt patches.

Installing synthetic grass would ensure brightness under the sun and a good aesthetic impression. But most importantly, this would not require one gallon of water to be maintained. This can be crucial given that very hot summers can cause water shortages and trigger water apportionment or some limits of use. So a huge quantity of water could be saved during a time where it is most needed.