Landscaping synthetic turf for poolside

Perfect grass does provide some beauty around a swimming pool, softening the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment and helping these to blend more naturally with the surrounding environment. A solution to arrive to that result would be some synthetic grass. Indeed, synthetic turf brings everything swimming pool owners would seek for their poolside: beauty, convenience and safety.

Poolside synthetic grass provides a slip-resistant surface, thanks to very efficient drainage capabilities and the presence of sand infill. One scenario all parents want to avoid when being around a swimming pool is to see their children slipping and hitting the side of the pool before ending in the water.

Moreover, synthetic grass is a better poolside alternative than fruit trees and flowers which may come as a beautiful decoration around the pool at first. However, these would have the tendency to drop leaves, which are generally a mess to clean out of the pool, and they attract bees. Additionally, some trees may have tenacious root systems that can damage the swimming pool.

Other benefits of poolside synthetic grass are that the installation of the turf is straightforward, it installs directly over any poolside hardscape surface or flooring without nails or glue. Also in terms of durability, synthetic grass landscaping around pools is designed to last 15-20 years.