Landscaping synthetic grass for rooftops

Synthetic lawn has the ability to completely transform rooftops and terraces within cities, that often appear quite dull and grey, into a garden space that becomes not only a pleasure to use but an idyllic icon of luxury. This is why inhabitants of building rooftops and patios of western cities are increasingly investing into synthetic grass to decorate their place to create a natural feel, although they live in the middle of an urban jungle.

Some of the cities leading this green roof initiative include Washington DC, London, New York City, and Toronto, although every major city is taking an interest in these types of projects, creating more and more green jobs in their communities.

Other reasons for this trend is that synthetic grass is ideal for roof gardens and terraces due to its light weight nature and capability to drain heavy rainfall in a very short amount of time. It requires no particular maintenance efforts, it is just there to be enjoyed and to offer a small idyllic green space between the concrete buildings. It also requires no watering, which makes a lot of savings, therefore giving an environmental significance to it.

As the weight of the grass layer is often a primary concern on roofs, it is generally recommended to install non-filled grass in order to reduce weight. It is perfect for almost all green roof applications, demonstrates an easy installation over any standard surface and has the durability to withstand every climate for up to 15 years.