Italgeen, the first 100% recyclable turf in The Netherlands

During the summer, Italgreen have installed three full size ‘Evolution Recyclable systems’ (football fields) at the RKavic football club in Amsterdam. The first being installed in August by their local partner J de Ridder BV.

This innovative system consists of a ‘Polyethylene XQ pile fiber’, whereby the back of the Evolution system is coated with polyethylene. This makes the product more homogeneous, and offers wider applications for recycling at the end of its lifetime.

Secondly, the resilience of the ‘spring back technology’ pile fibres, allows them to recover to their original position, which contributes to a better consistency, and safer playing surface. Players, clubs, football associations and federations look for these characteristics. This is a real innovative product for the artificial 3g market
place, replacing playing surfaces where ‘pile flattening’ is the norm! All Evolution fields will meet FIFA certification.

Rkavic FC are very happy with their new fields, and according to the clubs spokesman Mr. Ton Van Meerwijk ” This pitch is 200% better than our previous one, the colour alone gives it a fresh and perfect look – always looks as if it’s just been mowed!”.

Italgreen continue to research and develop this unique product – The new recyclable Evolution system – that’s environmentally friendly!

Italgreen who are based in Northern Italy, supply (besides the Evolution system) the patented Geofill system – Natural infill. Also being a FIFA licensee since
1983, continue to develop innovative sports playing systems / fields. Now with more than a 1000 installations worldwide, we are a key player in the industry, and strive towards delivering perfection and innovative products for tomorrow’s market place.

FC RKAVIC , FIFA 2 STARS certificate coming soon