Innovative solution for multi-use fields

This multi-use field was completed last January by our partner Polytan in Centennial Park Sydney. A synthetic turf system with a ProPlay-Sport shock and drainage pad was applied. The multi- use field is an innovative solution to give a variety of different sports and sports teams the opportunity to play and practice in the same area.

The goal for the Moore Park Synthetic Field was to overlay a number of aged netball courts with a modern synthetic field offering multi-sport activity do the local user groups.

Polytan proposed an exclusive patented system of drainage cell, ProPlay Sport shock pad with LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus football turf meeting the performance criteria for FIFA, World Rugby and NRL. The drainage cell proposal eliminated the need to disturb the stable earth of the parklands ensuring a solid, well graded base retaining its long-term stability.

The football field, with multiple line marking is now heavily booked for team activity and compliments the nearby sports and recreation facilities. Not only are long established clubs playing and training on the surface, but small team sports activity is heavily booked beyond original expectations.