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H.B. Fuller launches TEC Super Turf adhesive

Zurich – 1 Sep 2013. H.B. Fuller announced the launch of TEC™ Super Turf one component adhesive for artificial turf installation.

Turfers and installers looking for efficient, time-saving, sustainable and safe solutions should take the opportunity to come and talk to H.B. Fuller at the FSB exhibition, Germany. We are launching our new TEC™ SuperTurf one-component adhesive this autumn. TEC™ SuperTurf adhesive
can be used in all weather conditions and has a wide temperature application scale. This one-component adhesive saves time and energy as it does not need to be mixed and can be used safely without gloves. One pail can be used over several weeks as TEC™ SuperTurf™ adhesive offers an outstanding stability. TEC™ SuperTurf™adhesive is certified under EN 12228 and EN 13744.