Gryf Mielec

Although Gryf Mielec is merely a Polish lower division club playing in B-Class (the 8th level in the Polish football league system) they can definitely be proud of their cosy stadium and synthetic turf pitch!


Gryf is one of the local clubs in Mielec, a city in the Subcarpathian region of Poland, with 50.000 inhabitants. And, as many local clubs on this level, they’ve had problems with maintaining their football ground in a good shape. In fact, the previous pitch was often uneven, bumpy and exposed players to potential injuries. Everything changed in 2011 when the municipality of Mielec along with the European Union founded the brand new synthetic turf pitch and renovated the sports premises.


The field on Gryf Mielec stadium is made of 60-mm-high synthetic turf and has the size typical for such objects which is 55 x 100 m (all in accordance with FIFA regulations). Moreover, the venue has been equipped with 200-lux stadium lighting which enables conducting games and training sessions after dark. This attracted the most renowned local club – Stal Mielec, two times Polish champions to use this pitch for their first team and youth squads trainings, especially during winter period. The synthetic turf pitch, unlike the previous natural one, remains the same throughout the year and is not dependent on weather or maintenance.