Great flexibility for multisport purpose at the Leo Lagrange sports complex

When a public administration decides to create or to renovate a sports complex used to serve local communities, it is always important to select the best sporting goods and facilities available for the best interest of the people. An example of this can be found in the case of the Léo Lagrange sports complex, located in the city of Toulon, south of France. This place features over 42.000 sqm of sports facilities designed to host local teams and associations. Indeed, the sports complex is made up of three distinct poles: one dedicated to schools with facilities for many sports, another one dedicated to competitive sports and lastly a large fitness trail.

The competitive sector of the sports complex constitutes a central part to the whole place. It is notably composed of three pitches suitable to both football and rugby, one of which is surrounded by an athletics track, with two stands for 1500 and 1045 people. Regarding this sector, renovations have been taking place in 2012 to install synthetic turf on two of the multisport pitches as part of their aim to offer facilities of the highest quality to local clubs and communities.

In particular, one of the synthetic turf pitches is composed of the Optimum 65 RGF system which is a perfect solution to achieve the flexibility that a multisport pitch requires. Indeed, it is perfectly suitable for practice of football and rugby for example. This is achieved through characteristics such as playing comfort and increased safety for players from any sports, thanks to fibres of specifically-engineered polymer. In addition to the optimal overall performance for many sports, the turf also offers great resistance and durability, making it last approximately for a decade.

These recent installations now offer pitches that can easily sustain very large use and all year long, requiring minimal maintenance. Teams from various sports will also be able to enjoy matches or training sessions on a high performing pitch for a long time.