FIFA to implement new standards from 2014

FIFA to implement new standards from 2014

Building on the success of the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf, it has been announced that a new standard for the installation of football turf will be implemented from 2014, marking another milestone in the development of playing surfaces.


Since FIFA began implementing quality assurance measures for football turf in 2001, demand has grown and FIFA’s standards have ensured that the level of playing comfort has improved significantly over this time. 


The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf has been instrumental in safeguarding quality standards and has ensured football can be played on first-class pitches through the ‘FIFA RECOMMENDED’ quality mark.


In the lead up to the new 2014 standard, FIFA will focus its research on the needs and perceptions of players and coaches, incorporating new testing methods to examine the effects of the playing surface on the risk and occurrence of injuries. Research will also assess players’ ability to adapt between playing on natural and synthetic turf, as well as how this affects shooting technique, sprints, jumps and quick turns.



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