ESTO at ETRA 25th anniversary conference

ESTO made a presentation at the 25th anniversary conference of ETRA delivered by Pascal Haxaire (Labosport) who is also the ESTO Working Group chairman for infill. The panel of experts for the SBR issues session also included Nicolas Evans (FIFA), Dennis Andersen (Re-Match) and representatives from the European Commission and RIVM. Congrats to ETRA on their anniversary and for organising a great event.
Nigel Fletcher, ESTO Executive Chairman comments, It again shows the importance of the ESTO working groups in the overall structure of the ESTO organisation and how it connects and liases with important stakeholders in the wider synthetic tuf market. The Structure of the ESTO working groups being put in place only 4 years ago is accelerating at pace. ESTO is using the entire expertise with its membership in an aggregated way to act as the facilitator and voice throughout Europe and where needed globally.