ESTO Congress – Day 2

Day 2 was the final day of the ESTO Congress. The day opened up with Antonio Armeni, LND who gave his outlook for the future market in Italy. Looking at both the challenges and opportunities.

Robin Russell consultant to ESTO then gave a major insight into a major project commissioned by ESTO which had over 10,000 responses – this the largest ever European consultation with coaches and coaches associations across Europe. The findings and conclusion were positive showing the significant steps synthetic turf has had in football and the coaching/technical benefits for players and coaches alike.

Alastair Cox made two key presentations on both an update on the European standards/Cen and the ESTO landscape classification – significant developments ESTO has funded.

Working Group chairman then gave the delegates an update on their progress, which in many regards has been significant. Chairman Nigel Fletcher then rounded of the ESTO Congress commented: ” Another milestone for the ESTO organisation with more exciting developments in the pipeline”.