ESTC membership expands to welcome new suppliers

ESTC is excited to announce three new member organisations; Royal Grass, Mattex and ETRA.

Royal Grass specialises in the development, production and marketing of natural looking artificial grass systems. As the use of synthetic turf has evolved beyond sports fields, Royal Grass now operates in over 45 countries, with millions of people enjoying its surfaces in gardens, playgrounds and parks worldwide. Building on more than 15 years’ experience, Royal Grass continues to look for new ways to develop and improve its artificial turf systems, striving to deliver high quality with every product.

Mattex Yarns develops and produces high-quality artificial grass yarns specifically for both sports and landscape applications. Backed with decades of experience, R&D know-how, and state-of-the-art equipment, they contribute steady growth to the industry with continuous product innovation.

ETRA (European Tyre Recycling Association) is an independent association with over 250 members in 43 countries. Their primary objectives involve; promoting tyre recycling and finding sustainable ways of expanding markets and creating new ones, to aiding groups/individuals in the tyre industry along with much more. ETRA are also members of a number of recycling organisations, on top of being key speakers and contributors for events and conventions.