Complete Football, Newcastle

In 2007 Complete Football launched its new development and training centre. ‘Football For All’ was a key mission for the club and so the project involved the whole community including local football clubs and schools. Another goal was to bring a level of experience in football coaching and training to the community. Through the provision of accessible and affordable facilities of excellence, encouraging participation, developing ability levels for both players and coaching staff the club aimed to discover and pass on the international players of the future.

Essential for the success of such a project is the availability of a playing field of the highest level which offers the required durability. Through Research and Development the club and its partner came to a surface that meets all the highest national and international standards and displays the most up-to-date playability and look.

Other districts in the United Kingdom are keen to learn from Complete Football’s experiences and are already in contact with the club after 7 years of successful delivery.