Chairman’s optimism for 2018

ESTO Chairman, Nigel Fletcher reveals a new sense of optimism and interest as ESTO embark on the 2nd year of VISION 2020.

2017 was an exceptional year. We built strong foundations and further relationships in the synthetic turf technical areas. This has given ESTO a strong base to be proactive and reactive. It was good again to see ESTO being consulted by ECHA as the lead authority on synthetic turf technical matters. With most of the ESTO working groups meeting on February 1st and the upcoming ESTO Technical Committee on March 7th taking place at The FIFA Museum. ESTO is all set for a strong 2018 to strengthen and facilitate technical aspects of the synthetic turf industry.

A new ESTO Marketing and Communication programme will be put in place with a significant focus on Landscape and the importance of the ESTO Landscape classification. More benefits, direct and indirect will be provided to members. Digital activation and new social platforms will be developed by ESTO as we increase our efforts to be thought leaders and facilitators of knowledge and insight to both the industry, end-users, public and communites, clubs, associations.

Membership development is on the increase with a significant rise in 2017 with a good pipeline of potential members to join in 2018. Bringing together the synthetic turf industry and the different sector has always been our goal and this has strengthened as we build upon our technical expertise.

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